The 2014 London Jam

The UKs largest professional festival of improvisation comes to the Park Theatre in January 2014

Ken Campbell

The late, great theatre maverick is one of the most important people in Extempore's history, having created two of its shows - The School of Night and The London Improvathon - and influenced all of the others...


Winner of three Off West End Awards in 2012, including Best New Musical

The Terror Seasons

The UKs first festival of Horror Theatre and Grand Guignol has played annually since 2004

The London Improvathons

An incredible annual show where actors from all over the world forgo sleep to create an exhilarating an euphoric performance over an entire weekend

The Showstoppers

This is a troupe of highly versatile improvisers, musicians and technicians, brought together by Extempore, now spun off into their own production company Showstopper Productions

The Terror Seasons

The UK's only annual festival of horror theatre and Grand Guignol


Taking long-form to a new level, these shows push improvisers to their limits of endurance and creativity

New Writing

Extempore is also a hot house for the development of new shows, both improvised and scripted
Extempore is devoted to innovation and improvisation in the theatre. Artistic director Adam Meggido; Creative director Dylan Emery.